There is a phrase of George Steiner on learning that says that a good teacher is one who gets “doors open inward”.
This is my approach to work in dance.
I want to dedicate a few words to my students, to all those women who have not only been on the journey with me, but have given shape to the path: It is with them that the movement becomes art.

Professional Bellydance Instructor

Degree in clinical psychology, specialized in psychotherapy. Gloria’s interest in physical techniques led her to learn bellydancing.

From 1982, she began to combine her clinical work with the practice of bellydance.
Gloria´s first teacher was Shokry Mohamed, a precursor of bellydance in Spain. In time, they became an artistic couple, touring in Spain and abroad.

From 1983, she began to travel to Cairo to complete and perfect her training. Her passion for the dance and her marriage to an Egyptian, gave her a deep knowledge of the Arab culture and the opportunity to keep abreast of new trends.

Gloria considers Raqia Hassan as her second great teacher. She was trained also by other great figures of bellydance.
She is dedicated to teaching since 1989.

Gloria Alba imparts training seminars throughout Spain and has taught at the International Festival “Ahlan Was Sahlan” and the “Winter Festival” held each year in Cairo
As a chorographer, she directed the shows: “The Seven Veils Of The Dance” and “Surur”. Today she is working on a new project with Sonia Sampayo.

She is the Professional Director of Conoriente, the Spanish Bellydance Community Online.

During the year, Gloria Alba imparts several Training Workshops for professionals who aspire to improve their technical understanding.